Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday RocketFuel

::: Gladwell on invention and innovation [a must read]
visiting topics such as :
+ the puzzling phenomenon of soldiers in Iraq who survive a bomb blast only to die a few days later of a stroke. Some think it's a shock wave, penetrating the soldiers' helmets and surging through their brains.

+ you can track moving things by counting wing beats. So you could build a mosquito fence and clear an entire area. [say for malaria]

+ stopping hurricanes - the waves in the ocean have energy, and you use that to lower the temperature differential.

+ what if you slid a tiny filter into a blood vessel of a cancer patient? "You don't have to intercept very much of the blood for it to work," Wood went on. "Maybe one ten-thousandth of it.
Link via kottke

:::, Granger Community Church and the church planting piece of OnePrayer
Funding 500 church plants in 4 countries in one weekend.

::: What 100,000 people means in US terms.
By the way:
Baltimore - 651,154
Washington DC - 588,292

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