Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPACE's customers

Long time readers know that every few months I go sit in on a Missions Task Force [MTF] meeting, the body of people charged with all missions all the time at Grace. One of the unique things about SPACE is that we have very tight integration with the MTF - they are constantly in the loop as we dream, plan and execute. Prime example - since this particular summer has some ridiculously audacious support goals, they were our last milestone sounding board before we pulled the trigger for our teams.

Every meeting with them is so affirming, I always say that they are SPACE's biggest fans. But in a weird way, they are also SPACE's best customers. We deliver to them - just like parents, students, and our partners around the world - a way to make the future different. And they receive our "product" with open arms, always saying, "We want more."

It reminds me a recent Seth Godin quote, "Your best customers are worth far more than your average customers."

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