Friday, May 30, 2008

Meet Hungary Leader - Emilie

Emilie was one of the first five students I called when SPACE started and she has stuck with us ever since. SPACE student-turned-first-ever-intern-turned-leader, her strategic strength continues help cut the clutter and get right to the ethos of SPACE - why do we do what we do and how do we form the culture of global students for the future.

Off-the-charts adaptable, she's off to Ghana in the earlier part of this summer, with a pit stop in London, and will meet us in Austria as our team is en route. A walking GPS, that kind of travel for her is like you and I going to the mall. As a maximizer, she also ensures that we have strong finishes to what we start.

The state of Europe is on her heart naturally - she has spent almost half of her life in Norway - and no doubt Europe will be different because of her.

Emilie has been a leader on Cameroon2006 and Hungary2007 as well as having spent significant time serving in cross cultural contexts such as China, Ecuador, Trinidad and Seattle.

Photo: Emilie in Tibet, January 2007.

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