Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What The World Eats Followup

Many of you probably saw the original "What The World Eats." Here is an interesting follow up Q&A with the authors via Freakonomics.

Global tidbits include:
+ Mongolia is more urban now than rural.

+ Q If you were president, what one step would you take/ policy would you implement to help resolve the global food crisis?
...if one of us were president, the biggest changes we would make regarding food and nutrition would be to reform farm subsidies in the U.S., and to send cash to pay for world food aid grown by growers nearer to the areas that need it rather than send food grown in the United States.

+Q: Is Coca-Cola really as globally pervasive as people say?
A: Sure it is; Coca-Cola is everywhere, and Pepsi is nearly as far-reaching.
It's almost refreshing to be in countries that serve the Arab cola alternatives. People in Mexico drink the most Coke - the country has the highest per capita consumption of Coca-Cola in the world.
Somewhere along the lines someone told me that the Gospel goes as Coke goes but I haven't been able to find any anecdotal evidence of that.

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