Thursday, May 22, 2008

2008 Funding

Our funding is absolutely our biggest challenge this year. Growth in the sizes and quantities of our teams means higher levels of support [we are seeing about a 20% growth in the number of students and leaders]. In addition to numerical growth, we have three overseas teams - the most we have ever had in a summer. In combination with the global food crisis, the decline of the dollar versus the euro and the cost of fuel, we've got some significant challenges. All in all, a best picture budget is about $170,000 to fund all these teams. Believe me, I know it's an insane amount of money. We have been very careful to ask our 3 essential questions for each team for this summer.

The rational tells us that the odds are against us. Instead, I like this quote from Neil Cole via
"He will not place the order and then not pay the bill."
[Lots of interesting topics covered in the comments like tentmakers, bi-vocational pastors, full time ministry, etc.]

We really do believe that God has led us to these partnerships and teams this summer and that He has gone before us preparing hearts and setting environments for our teams to make an impact.

Besides the standard mission support letter to well connected people that would love to support those students, teams are being ultra-creative for fundraising this year. These include hosting restaurant nights, bake sales, car window washes, supporting a marathon. But by far, our newest fare into the unknown is hosting a silent auction - where local business can donate items to be auctioned off for the benefit of SPACE teams. We are combining the actual evening of the auction with an ice cream social and it's our attempt to engage a larger community that might be interested in supporting SPACE. If you are in the area, we would love to see you for ice cream and perhaps there might be an item or service you might be interested in bidding on. We've also posted all the items up for bid on this site here.

Oh. And we are praying. Like mad. And we would love you to pray like mad with us too. That would be really cool.

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