Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet Hungary Leader - RachelJ

I'm going to spend the next few Fridays introducing you to our Hungary leaders. In 500 years, you'll say I told you so.

Meet RachelJ.
Rachel is our newest SPACE friend, literally. We met her this past January when she came to the area to hang out with her college roommate, ESunde. Most of the SPACE peeps connected immediately and we decided to give her a formal invitation to the Hungary lead team because we saw intention, a servant's heart and a love of adventure and the unknown. [Read how our invitation and her acceptance was confirmed too.]

She represents a few experimental questions, such as:
+ How can a brand new leader to SPACE contribute to leadership movement right from the start?
+ How can we maximize initial trip travel time to get Rachel well connected to the rest of the team?
+ Will Rachel's northwest network help expand SPACE and how we serve students and youthworkers?

Rachel's got leadership experience in Mexico and Honduras, having been on a few mission trips with her home church in Washington State. She's a strong developer through and through, meaning that it won't be hard for her to think of new and fun exciting projects for team members whether she knows that them well or not.

Photo: Rachel in NYC - Winter Expedition 2008.

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