Thursday, May 29, 2008

The New Conspirators - What's Best?

Christian parents want what's best for their kids. No problem there. However, because of the huge influence of modern culture, most parents tend to define "what's best" primarily in economic terms. As we have worked on college campuses, the number-one barrier students report that restraints them from going into missions, believe it or not, is their Christian parents. The message is, "I did not spend $80 thousand on your education for you to head off to a refugee project in Ethiopia. You get your career under way, buy your home, your car, start investing in retirement accounts, and then after you are established, you can visit mission projects in Africa during your vacation."- Tom Sine, The New Conspirators
Certainly, this is what I did. But that doesn't mean that is what you should do. Just don't bring up my name when you talk to your parents about it.

Fast becoming a book that I will start recommending to most SPACE people, The New Conspirators covers concepts such as missional, monastic, mosaic, and emerging communities of faith; the impact of various stratas of economic classes; indigenous, sustainable and holistic ministry; technology; the global poor; global cultures - all wrapped around mission in the future. Sounds good huh?

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