Monday, October 22, 2007

Summer 2008 Process Improvements

We've been thinking and bouncing around some ideas for next summer already as we think about how to continue to improve in our processes for getting our teams to the field. Once again, our overall goal is to make the structure minimal and transparent. We want movement but we also want to be smart.

Here are some of the ideas we will be looking at for next summer, ideas that will continue to improve our preparation, training and on-the-field experiences. You'll notice that a few of them might seem to be unimplementable - those would be grand wishes.
:: Face to face interviews for team leaders, including interviewing with someone besides just me. Solicit the help of an older, wiser person with lots of life experience to complement my perception.
:: Working sessions with team leaders to interpretation Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder together in working teams.
:: Leader blast gathering - take all the leaders away in the Spring for some investment, fun and training.
:: Team leader packets - specific ideas on how to prepare their teams.
:: Finance Tracking Process - still tweaking this process. It sounds easy [just track the donations] but in actuality is a pretty overwhelming task.
:: Background sheet on teams to give to hosts - We will provide each ministry host with a background sheet on the team they are hosting to give them some advance info about our team. This will also include "How You Can Help Our Team," like give them time to have team time everyday, etc.
:: Post trip debriefing packet - every student gets something to ponder at 2, 4, 6 week intervals after they come home.
:: Mission Advance. yes.

Even now, there is some momentum and activity regarding what we are going to do next summer. Can't tell you much about those quite yet, but if plans A, B and C come together, I'll be having a lot of those "I'm going to throw up moments."

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