Saturday, October 13, 2007

First CpR Friday and Building Bridges

I had the privilege of taking part of two really fun events this weekend. Friday night was the first CpR Friday of the school year. CpR [our high school ministry] has hosted Friday night outreaches since it started - the idea being to shape safe environments for kids and their friends to have fun, hang out and be exposed to the Gospel. Despite the whole incarnational vs. attractional deal, [which is not that black and white when it comes to students] it is overall a really fun time for our students. This past Friday was set up as an encouragement evening, where only current students within CpR were invited, in order to build some momentum for the rest of the school year. The real treat for me was seeing so many of our seniors that were involved on our summer teams lead, serve and bless in order to make the night what it was. It matters what you do at home and these guys and gals are making it count.

Building Bridges is the name of a massive community impact project that GCC does once a year in the Fall. This year was by far the largest, with many projects planned throughout the county, including nursing home visits, food collections, landscaping at local schools, etc. Indeed, the church is not here for us. We went as a family to LW elementary [the one that our old principal was at] and did some painting. We also dragged along TriciaB, one of our interns.

And here is that finished sign the boys were working on a few weeks ago. They did a nice job huh?

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