Friday, October 19, 2007

What Does Success Look Like To You?

- Paul and Barnabas evangelized Antioch's 130,000, and reached 500 cities in Asia.
- Judas and Simon the Zealot converted 100,000 in Iran.
- William Carey labored for 7 years before his first convert in India.
- Patrick evangelized the whole of Ireland, baptizes over 100,000. Perhaps more important he launched the Irish Peregrini who evangelized Europe over 4 centuries during the Dark Ages.
- Robert Morrison worked for 25 years in China with less than a dozen converts.
- Columba evangelized the whole of Scotland.
- George Whitefield preached to over 18 million in the United States.
- Adoniram Judson served 37 years in Myanmar with 8,000 converts.
- John Wesley baptized over 140,000 people.
- Before television, D.L. Moody preached to over 100 million and personally baptized 750,000.
- Anskar spent his life among the Vikings with little fruit.
- Frumentius was a captured Syrian Christian who only managed to convert Ethiopia's king.

From the [incredible] powerpoint entitled, "Introduction on Swarming" - a primer on swarm theory and mission mobiliziation movements from Justin Long.

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