Friday, October 19, 2007

Endorsements for SPACE

- "a joy to work with," "so well prepared," and "to be commended for their maturity, their servants hearts and teachable spirits." - European team host, July 2007.

- "After 18 years of youth ministry and 5 years of heading up various domestic missions projects, SPACE was by far the best, well-prepared group we have hosted in a city.... What ever Tony and his leadership team is doing to develop their students works. It should serve as a model to all the missional youth ministries." - Matt Stevens, Community Solutions partner, Veteran Youth Worker and Chain Reaction host, July 2007. Link

- "If you aren't reading Tony Sheng's blog, shame on you." - Jeremy Del Rio, Community Solutions partner, founder of GenXcel, October, 2007. Link

- " blessed many families in unmeasurable ways. Let them know that your team invested not only their time and resources, but their whole hearts to serve the families of Christian Associates." - church planter, France, August, 2007. Link

- "We truly appreciated the messages you gave and life you and your family shared with our students.... Your Stories all weekend were great... we all loved how every message was filled with stories of experiences that you have had and that were actually driving you deeper into taking risks of faith of your own. This really made for unique messages, beyond Biblical content, we were able to get a glimpse into your life as well as what you believed.... we really appreciate you communicating to our students that God did not just save them for themselves alone, but that he has a amazing plan for this world that He is inviting them into." - para church youth worker, Columbia, MD, December 2006.

- " focused me on the global ramifications of my mission," and "Tony Sheng and the points he made. I love him." - participants of the "Leading In The Global Matrix" workshop, Grace Community Church, Fulton, MD, Leadership Development Program, September 2007. Link

- "Tony has a real passion to see students involved in missions. He is always blogging about great things that include culture, missions, and student ministry." - Dennis Poulette, youth ministry training, Mexico City, Mexico, October 2007. Link

- "hey ur speech was rad dude, are you a leader?" - high school student, Spring 2008 Decompressing Culture session

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