Sunday, October 07, 2007

Making Fire

The Orbiters and I hung out in Silver Spring this evening with a small gathering of people that collected with M and the International Mentoring Network. Included were Alex McManus, Dale Swinburne [Catonsville], Jumaine Jones [The Bridge, Silver Spring] and Rich Merritt [VA Beach and Pennsylvania].

Here are some snippets of the conversation:
- movement before structure
- everyone could be a leader, but leadership is based on circumstance and opportunity
- instead of leadership development, we should think about character development
- when someone is a leader, they need to continue to be human and they need to respond to the way the world really looks
- the future movers of the kingdom will not be impacting a world similar to today
- the future looks latin, asian, turkish [declining birth rates, etc.]
- instead of using elements of youth culture to connect youth to churches, we should continue to catalyze them for the world's sake
- tricia is awesome [wait, how did that get on my paper?]

Two questions Alex had for the interns:
- describe how often you are connected with your close friends and the medium?
- how has traveling around the world informed your decision making for the future?

Photo: TriciaB, Alex and EllyK.

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