Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Camel Named Moses

Long time readers will remember FZ [who doesn't really blog anymore, but maybe she will pick it up again.] She was one of the leaders on Brasil-2005 and her compassion, initiative and authenticity helped set the standard for SPACE teams.

She spent six weeks this past summer in and out of Cairo, Egypt, serving with InterVarsity and their Global Urban Trek program. Like just about all of us, she was scared out of her skin at that crux point after you make the commitment, but before you have to go through with it. Compliments to her for forging on.

These kinds of lives are our goal. Unsure, scared, nervous, excited, energized by chaos. And compelled by a God who cares and a world that needs to be touched.

Photo: Her camel was named Moses.

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