Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday RocketFuel

::: Quest Aircraft Company, is building the Kodiak, what many deem to be the next generation of bush plane for flying missions in remote areas of the world.
MAF has been working closely with Quest in developing the Kodiak and placed the first order for 10 of the new aircraft," said Swanson. The Kodiak is a 10-seat plane designed to carry heavy loads and land on short, rough landing strips. The biggest feature, however, is that it has a turbo-prop engine, so it can burn jet fuel (similar to kerosene) which is readily available most everywhere in the world and is reasonably priced. The high-octane aviation fuel, which all small airplanes use, is often very expensive or unavailable in remote areas of the world where mission planes fly. The Kodiak has recently been certified by the FAA and delivery of the first planes will begin this fall. Every plane that Quest sells for commercial use will subsidize the cost of another plane for the mission field, so that MAF, New Tribes and other mission agencies can buy the planes at a reduced price.
From the May issue of Mission Frontiers.

::: Time Magazine's slide show of Steve Fossett

::: Howard County Film Fest via RobynB

::: True Excel Geeks for good reason
The real Cannonball Run, planned via spreadsheets, averaging 90.1 mph.

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