Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GCC LDP Fall 2007 - Teamwork in the Scriptures

My notes from GCC's leadership development workshops

KBronte - GCC student ministry
female small group coodinator

- List some Biblical examples of teams - both good and bad
Adam and Eve
Mary and Joseph
Eli and Samuel
Solomon's wives
David and mighty men
Caleb and Joshua
Noah and family
any NT church
Josephs brothers
the Trinity
Daniel and the 3
Ruth and Naomi
3 wise men
Jonah and the whale [no not really]

- 5 dysfunctions of a team [Lencioni]
1. building trust
mistrust is so much easier to identify [wrongly]
we remember wrong easier than right
sometimes leaders are very comfortable in the environment while members are not - perspective, communication, exposure

2. mastering conflict
the best teams experience conflict but work through a healthy resolution
good conflict requires trust
deep trust has a conflict resolution history

3. achieving commitment
common goal
common team logistics - communicate via, meetings how often and how long, etc
GCC staff does not resolve conflict via email

4. embracing accountability
for a culture of accountability to thrive, a leader must demonstrate a willingness to confront difficult issues.
we might be the only one that is willing to address it

5. focusing on results
as difficult as team work is to measure and achieve, it's power can not be denied.

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