Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some Blog Housekeeping

I've been doing some light housekeeping around here of late. Here are some things you readers might be interested in:

- Twitter updates [I already posted about this though... and I'm *really* liking it.]
- Added a section for what gets "Starred" in my Google Reader. These are things that show up in my rss reader that I want to read and process later. Lower right.
- Each post now has a button if you want to save the link to your bookmarks. Click on the icon towards the bottom of each post, just to the right of the email icon. [Also, the email icon lets you email the post to someone you like.]
- Added some connecting points via Facebook, LinkedIn and M. If you are on any of those social networks, would love to add you as a friend. Lower left.

As a reminder, you can always subscribe via GoogleReader, Bloglines or MyYahoo or subscribe to get posts sent to your email. Click on the appropriate icons on the left sidebar.

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