Friday, October 05, 2007

2007 India Team Session - notes

My notes and background for the GCC 2007 India team training session. If any of it will help you, feel free to use it.

India 2007
travel dates - late December, before Christmas, for two weeks
orphanage and possibly leper colony
8 team members [one didn't come]
all college/young adult age

::: Focus
Team unity.
Why - 50% of long term teams come home after the first year, most of them due to team and personality conflict. Get you to think about operating, thinking and functioning as a single team.

::: Myers Briggs [of course]
6 extroverts - 1 introvert
your single I is going to need a break from all the others Es. don't think he hates you.
7 feelers - 0 thinkers
your team might not be able to make any rational decisions because everyone will want everyone else to feel good about everything.
6 perceiving - 1 judging
your J is going to need to know where we are eating lunch on thursday and how are we going to get there. challenge for the J is to go with the flow, challenge for others is to give the J enough details.

type preferences are like writing with your natural or opposite hand
knowing their personality allows you to be more gracious

::: Team Disintegration
Saving Private Ryan
Modern day paradigm for the Gospel
"In the Last Great Invasion of the Last Great War, The Greatest Danger for Eight Men was Saving... One."
clip from 1:23:13 to 1:43:00
what did you notice about how this team disintegrated?

::: Feedback
Q: What is one thing that concerns you about our team?
My answer: Besides teamwork, which is why we spent so much time on it, culture. India is culturally very distant from Western culture. Go with a learner posture.

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