Thursday, October 04, 2007

Burmese in Disturbia.... I mean Suburbia

Staff of the Baltimore branch of the International Rescue Committee, an agency that helps resettle roughly 350 refugees each year, said they expect an increased number of Burmese immigrants as the unrest continues in Burma, which borders India on the west and China and Thailand on the east.

Recent immigrants, such as Mang, represent the second large wave of Burmese immigrants to the area, following an initial movement in 2000, said Kakoli Ray, the regional director of the rescue committee.

Dozens of Burmese families have settled in Howard County since January, according to the committee, which helps refugees find housing, employment, education and health care.

Roughly 50 immigrants, including Mang, attended an orientation and winter clothing giveaway Sept. 28 at Patuxent Valley Middle School and Bollman Bridge Elementary School, in Jessup. The event was organized by the rescue committee, Howard public school officials and Grace Community Church, in Fulton.
Don't let anyone tell you different - you can impact the world from your home in suburbia. [I had no idea anyone from GCC was involved in this. Cool.]

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