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Navigator Youth Fall 2006 - Notes

For those of you that might be interested - and just in case my memory goes down the tubes and I lose my printout - here are my speaking notes for this coming weekend. They might be a bit verbose for some of you...

faith to follow

===== #1 Faith In Your Destiny =====
OP: Psalm 139

The idea of destiny - sometimes too mystical, too wacky - we think of Star Wars
but Scripture is pretty clear that each of us has a destiny - wrapped in your uniqueness and God's creativity
Ps 139 - knit us
Phil 1 - finish the good work that was started
Jer 29 - plans to prosper you
uniquely created in the image of a creative God
latent strengths, talents, character, disposition
the odds of you are less than 1 out of 6.5B -
even greater in the mere minutes we have been talking - humankind is growing uniquely
even greater when we account for all of human history and if there is mankind on other planets

Gen 12 - blessed to be a blessing

your experience also tells you this
you have had moments when you know THIS is what you were made for
people around you are enthralled - how did you do that
everything clicked
a God given moment where what He created was unleashed and optimized for His glory
to exercise these talents and gift is an act of faith
nobody else will understand - many times, they will think you are crazy

ST: Cameroon and the pygmy tribe
travel 6000 miles, 3 continents, 2 hours by canoe, 20 minutes by foot to share Jesus with a tribal chief?

you are not like anyone else - for a specific reason - what way-out past-your-imagination idea could God have in mind for you?

ST: KD - combo of alternative energy and Chinese culture
there are ministries, service opportunities and entire industries that have not even been created yet except in your imagination

We lose our way out of faith when we forget how unique God has created us
when we don't think we are special, we coast along and go through the motions instead of fully engaged

- evaluate your talents, skills, experience
- start to imagine a dream that uses these things - allow your mind to wander and your energy to develop
- take one small step towards it and let the critics talk at you

you will not live life fully engaged until you understand the odds of you in the world
It will not be easy
ST: EGrab and Tay - OC, MD - the devil lady

ST: home improve challenges when I leave town
deck table, bathroom shower, garbage disposal

Perfect love cast out fear - is that how Jesus so loved humanity?

ST: SPACE leader app - describe your impact 500 years from now
LB - There will lines that can be traced back to me.... Someone that I've led will have touched every continent.

Is your imagination that large and vivid?
Like the Princess said, It is our most desparate hour. And you are our only hope.

==== #2 - Faith in Jesus =====
OP: Jer 20

The contrast between a 'Christian' and a Jesus follower
It is easy to be a Christian and hard to be a disciple
Easy to believe in the information but not have a transformed life
80% of our culture claims to be a Christian
And when the world looks at Christians, they see it - it is crystal clear to them
The world is looking for passionate people that do what they believe

Two spheres - belief vs.action
Need to line them up

What Does A Real Disciple Do?
You do what Jesus does - Rob Bell
- rabbi and his students - following into the bathroom stall

- pack of students following as close as they could
everything the rabbi steps in gets kicked up on your cloak
level of your passion
'may you be covered in the dust of your rabbi'

Realize that Jesus can pastor you - He can speak into your life - He can shape and mold you

- Go and make disciples - Matt 28 - to the 11 disciples
not converts - different than someone just saying the prayer
It is reproducing your life with Jesus in someone else
That you do what He does
If the 11 only did this with other Christians, the Church would be dead

- Heart for the lost - I Sam 17 - David the shepherd - leave the 99 and go after the one, kills the lion and bear - does this sound like your pastor or shepherd?
ST: food fight party

- Prepare the way - Matt 3 - John the Baptizer [lived to baptize people] - live in the woods and eat locusts - doesn't care about how that looks to others
ST: Larry from UI - moving into different neighborhood to build relationships with Muslims

- The Bible as the portal to God's presence - Jeremiah - says some crazy things and gets put in stocks because the Word is like a fire
I don't think we read the Bible even close to like this
ST: Leg from NYC - wife left him when he accepted Jesus - came to the US to study the Bible

- Hears the shepherds voice - John 10
cares about what God cares about, no matter how crazy it looks
ST: my P&P strategy and CW - makes sense to nobody else

- Cares about the poor
How much did Jesus talk about the poor
Realizes that their money and resources are not just about themselves

A disciple looks different than a Christian does
Caring about the right things will lead to believing the right things - not just a system of beliefs

The first century Church - Acts - was about much more than believing the right things
Are you just going through the motions?

===== #3 - Faith in the Mission =====
OP: Mt 24

vision for what the world really looks like and faith in the mission that God has called you in
because after all, if you are a disciple - you care about this
the grand story of God and Jesus - sent on a mission

what does the world really look like and why does it matter to me
6.5B people in the world
two terms:
1 - people group - the word nations - cluster of people in the same culture, worldview, etc - smallest cluster of people
different than nation-states
Matt 28:18
Matt 24:14
do a study of the word nations in your Bible - or just in Psalms

2 - unreached - 0% access to Jesus - no church, no missionary, 0 chance

Jesus - was He cross cultural?
in fact, He was the model for cross cultural ministry
women and the Well
Good Samaritan

3 - 10/40 window - 2B people live in extreme poverty - less than $1 a day - most of the unreached live here
YLG2006 slide 42 - world population vs foreign missionaries
YLG2006 slide 43 - missionary presence - dismal percent of missionaries to the unreached

4 - other world issues
Europe - most countries in Europe are now less than 1% evangelical - they are postmodern postChristian
Africa - AIDS crisis, malaria, extreme poverty, The End of Poverty - The ONE Campaign - Red

You think 9/11 was bad - 3000 in one day -
24,000 people die every day due to starvation and there is enough food in the world for everyone - distribution issue

It should stagger you the amount of need that the world has
Gen 12 - you are blessed to be a blessing
I still don't know you very well, but I know you are blessed beyond measure to meet the world's deepest needs

The world needs disciples that give up their own comfort, their own safe lifestyle, their own consumeristic existences - to reach those that don't know yet. It needs people that are willing to give up everything for Jesus sake and the life He offers.

ST: $5 gift bag at Target - 3 days of wages for someone on the other side of the world - I'm saying all of this to me as well as you
My kids are very tired of hearing it from me

ST: Ben and Gui - Ben's bible

ST: going to Brasil and Cameroon
"I'm not too interested in going to Cameroon." I want to be safe and live an easy life

God doesn't have a plan B - you are His plan A.
When you lose sight of the mission - because mission always clarifies - it is easy to lose faith to follow.

You have a crucial role to play - time is short and the world needs you - calling for heroic, noble, extraordinary people - no one else can do it but you
Do you feel like Frodo? Incapable, how could God use me, so ill-prepared,
And someone wants you out of the picture

===== #4 - Faith for Home =====
OP: Heb 11:32 to end

review from the previous sessions
- nurture your uniqueness - dream up something so big it would only work if God was in it
- the real picture of a disciple - is that you? heart for the lost, go after the 1, hear His voice
- choose to learn about a significant part of the world - get involved with the One Campaign at your school, write a letter to a missionary that you know

patterns of behavior that will help after you get home
do this via some of my favorite stories

1 - relationship between faith and risk
when you have enough faith, isn't the task no longer risky?

ST: SPACE - tony's experiment
launched from Perspectives
students - great worship and small groups but no community service

kicked out of a nursing home
locked the keys in the church van in front of a homeless mission - with it running
Brasil - 24 hour delay at Dulles

every plan goes down the tube and we come to expect it - increase the risk threshold - and its not my fault
how can we create students that live on a mission 24x7 regardless of what kind of mistakes we make
how can we build students to lead in these dynamic, risky, innovative environments to reach the nations
how can we compel them to so that the world their playground and their heartache
to be motivated not by a plan but by a longing
the world will not be reached by risk averse people

every day do something you are scared of - give God lots of room to work
the world is waiting for Jesus followers to take a risk for humanity
ST: AM truck in Peru

ST: PM flying me to Phoenix for an amazing week

the stories listed in Heb 11 were risky. And they didn't wait until they had enough faith...

2 - listening to God - active listening - maybe he speaks audibly
ST: God speaking that particular last name to me and I did nothing about it
they were in the hospital that weekend

ST: CUs dream with the name of "Miguel " before LA
God would send a suburban high school kid from Columbia to the inner city of LA with the name of Miguel stamped on his heart

3 - understand the culture that you live in
very spiritual culture but not very religious
loves Jesus but hates the church
how can you be a student of this culture in order to point them to God?

You must be relevant to the culture as a Jesus follower - see Jesus movements
Acts 17 - Paul quotes one of their poets

redemptive analogy
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings

how about cyber culture? most people haven't given MySpace enough credit
if people that follow Jesus miss out on the virtual culture - Web 2.0 - we have missed huge
most Christians don't give MySpace enough credit

Don't call us saints; we don't want to be dismissed that easily. Dorothy Day

Reading List:
The Barbarian Way - Erwin McManus
Seizing Your Divine Moment - Erwin McManus
Waking the Dead - John Eldredge
Out of the Saltshaker - Rebecca Pippert

For Leaders:
The Shaping of Things to Come - Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
An Unstoppable Force - Erwin McManus
Exiles - Michael Frost
The One Thing You Need to Know - Marcus Buckingham
Now, Discover Your Strengths [StrengthsFinder] - Marcus Buckingham
The End of Poverty - Jeffrey Sachs
Organic Church - Neil Cole


Here are the slides that I showed for those of you that might be interested. [This is my first time using SlideShare, which is a fun tool that converts PowerPoint files into a web slide show that can easily be embedded into a post. If you read this via RSS, I think you have to click to my actual post to be able to see it. Let me know how it works for you.]

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