Sunday, November 05, 2006

Moving Silently

Although in a previous post, I told you that SPACE had a pretty low key pace this fall so far, there are definitely things moving. I've had a few people ask me about next summer's plans and one of our Youth Min admins has already gotten a few parent calls asking dates and schedules. We both enjoyed a hearty chuckle about that.

The Spirit is certainly moving - I've seen evidence of it in three very specific, tangible events just today. All three have to do with specific friends and partners; a notion of direction; and the potential to impact student teams, future direction and the cultivation of more leaders. It's exciting and though I can't tell you much more, I'm confident that this summer is going to be just as amazing as the last three.

The girlies and I are on day two of four without D. She is in GA for the birth of our newest nephew/cousin, hopefully without issue on Monday morning. We just finished a killer round of Disney Princess Monopoly - of course, I let them win.

I've been spending quite the bit of time watching the 2006 Origins DVDs.

"Change is a core dynamic to who your church attracts. If you do not move at a rapid rate of change or pace, you will not attract the top end 15% of culture leaders." [related post on this 15% - the innovators and early adopters]

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