Friday, November 10, 2006

Retreat Speaking Prep

I've been spending a good amount of time getting ready for this retreat I'm speaking at next weekend. The basics are four sessions centered around a common theme and the end of each talk will have time for small group interaction. The small group time at the end of each session is an idea that I totally stole from the way we do retreats at LC/CpR. My role specifically is to catalyze some momentum for the leaders of this ministry so that they can inspire and impact their students. Retreat speakers can say some great things, but its the day-to-day ministry leaders that really know their students and they are the ones that can really coach them well for life transformation.

I started to brainstorm an overall outline a few weeks ago, right when I first accepted the invitation. Basic prep includes coming up with the overall session ideas, expanding those ideas and adding illustrations and personal stories. Since I don't speak formally a lot, I know I'm going to need to practice the talks quite a bit. In other words, I have a busy weekend ahead.

I find that for things like this - short talks, longer talks, blog posts, etc. - I get an initial idea that I think is pretty good. I will work on it for a little while, let it sit and then come back to it. When I come back to it, I almost always think the idea stinks. Same goes this time. I thought most of the main topics for the sessions were a bit - hmm how shall I put it - unconventional, obscure, wacky.

I sent off my notes to ministry leader to give them some heads up and the liberty to make changes - context is important. The response was something along the lines of how happy he was at the ideas and that they were going to fit almost perfectly with where these students are at.

Stick with your ideas - indeed sometimes they can be truly inspired.

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