Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can We Lose More Leaders?

"Movement builders must have the ability to give away and to lose control of money, members, and leaders. As Paul planted churches, he really "empowered" the new leaders. He gave them ownership -- losing in the process a lot of control. Current churches or movements cannot bear thought of money-giving families, or key leaders, or just friends being lost to new works." - talking about Tim Keller's article on church planting
I think SPACE is going to start losing some key people in its history pretty soon. There is the subtle blowing of the Spirit that is getting ready to jettison some of our good friends away from their current localities. Having students graduate from high school and go to college is one thing but I'm talking about something even more dramatic and more distant - both physically and culturally. SPACE has given these people a good foundation and they are continuing to learn, grow and mature into God's change agents - the world is not only their stage, it is also their playground and their heartache.

When it happens, it will be both exciting and sad. These are some good friends, they have invested in SPACE as much as it has invested in them, our family has a deep love for these people and - they buy girl scout cookies from my kids. Not only do we have to give them away for the worlds' sake, we have to give them away because like it or not, that was the whole idea.

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