Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fun with NavYouth

We had a great time with the NavYouth this weekend where I was a speaker on their Fall Retreat. The retreat was held at Cape Henlopen, DE [same location, but different facility than last summer's Mission Advance - and no rain and flooding of Biblical proportions like last time.] I personally had a very fun time interacting with the students over the course of 4 different talks. We as a family also had a very fun weekend as we were able to get away for a little bit, take part in the retreat's Q-tip war and sandcastle contest, and spend some time swimming and taking it easy in our hotel down the street.

I mentioned before how we had worked into the schedule for there to be small group interactions after every talk [an idea that I had stolen from our own retreats] and these worked great. Retreat speakers really should be catalysts to drive the ministry leaders to go deeper with their own students.

Special thanks to DHelger and his team for inviting and hosting us. It's a fun connection to have and I'm sure our paths will cross soon. I also know that we will see some brave and extraordinary heroes from this group of NavYouth, heroes who are ready to rise to the challenge of being the world's only hope.

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PS - My dad came home from the hospital today - thank you all for praying for him. He is doing very well!

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