Thursday, November 30, 2006

Currents : China

From a post from Alan Hirsch [yup, one of the Shaping of Things to Come guys] ::
100AD There are as little as 25,000 Christians
310AD There are as many as 20,000,000 Christians

...But before the example of the Early Christian Movement can be dismissed as a freak of history, there is another perhaps even more astounding manifestation of that unique and explosive power inherent in all of God’s people in our own time—namely, the underground church in China...
Just read last night in Exiles by Michael Frost [the other Shaping guy] ::
Church historians and missiologists now believe that the communist authorities unwillingly paved the way for the spread of the gospel by removing much of China's idolatry, attempting to deny the supernatural (when people experienced miracles), constructing transportation systems, unifying the language by adopting Mandarin, developing large-scale literacy projects, and creating a hunger for the printed word through controlling the media.

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