Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Potpourri

** Even more on the Adoption curve here [related post] from an older post from Marc.

** From notes on The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South by Philip Jenkins
In Africa between 1900 and 2000, the number of Christians grew from 10 million to 360 million, from 10 percent of the population to 46 percent.

How is this happening? According to Jenkins, at least three factors are at work:
1. the Bible as a living Word from God;
2. a supernatural worldview
3. the adaptation of the faith to the culture of the recipients. They own it.
Link. If you haven't read The Next Christendom also by Jenkins, you should.

** For each dollar donated to a congregation, denominations spent 2 cents on overseas missions in 2004, down from 7 cents in the 1920s. Link from the Center for Missional Research.

** The top 10 worst ice breakers
- What’s your favorite of The 10 Commandments to break?
- If you could have anything from your neighbor’s house, what would it be?
- Share the juiciest piece of gossip you know so we can pray about it.
- Which people at your church do you wish would find a different church, and why?
More from the Zone Gathering blog - the online community for the leaders of National Community Church.

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