Thursday, December 22, 2005

favorite 2005 posts

Since a lot of other people are doing it (and you should too because readers will like it and it will give you a good opportunity for some remberance and reflection), here is my list of favorite posts from this year.

A few things about these posts. First, none of them are summaries of any of our SPACE experiences or events or any kind of mission trip I have been involved in. If you are interested in those, check the sidebar where I keep recent writeups. Of course, most, if not all, of those experiences and their posts are definitely favorites of mine. Secondly, I've tried to limit this list of favorite posts to those that are on-topic with this blog. The posts talk about mobilization, mission, youth ministry, etc. Finally, I tried to keep it a lot shorter. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for reading, commenting and praying. Enjoy!

Proportions and Ratios
Inviting the Team
Just Jump In
to the Class of 05
The State of the '03
From planning to designing
Ever lost a student?
Going to [undisclosed location]

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