Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy 8 to K!

Today is K's 8 year old birthday. Happy birthday! For those of you that don't know K, she is:
- really outgoing (most of the time)
- loves to sing and dance, whether it sounds good or not
- is in love with most animals - when the cicadas were here, she loved catching them, while the rest of our family was grossed out by them
- is into art, like drawing, painting, etc.
- she loves DisneyWorld, like her mum

In addition, she:
- has a high level of compassion - she talks about the homeless quite a bit
- is spiritually in tune and we never taught her that - she learns Bible verses like most people eat candy
- shares my sense of humor - if the whole room is quiet except for two people, its me and her

One of my absolute favorite experiences with K was going to Teen Missions Boot Camp in the summer of 2004. After a few miserable days and 160 mosquito bites between the two of us, I knew she knew that the world was waiting for us.

Happy Birthday K! Continue to astound us as God grows you into one of His mighty, compassionate, warrior-princesses.

Love, Dad

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