Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thinking Aloud

It's our third year of SPACE. Reality is its been a pretty good fall. Two large scale experiences where we exposed about 75 students to an idea of living on mission. One more relatively large scale experience (we think...) Friday night. But I have this nagging sense of a lack of momentum in general.

I'm thinking a few things:
- I've personally been a little constrained time and energy wise.
- We haven't met with the core team like we have in years past, hardly at all this Fall. I think we have missed giving them some ownership in the ministry by neglecting those meetings. And they are more than just meetings. It's an opportunity to build community among students that really care about what SPACE can do.
- The large events are logistically difficult. We never know who is going to show, how many, enough adults there, etc. Don't get me wrong - we need to be okay with planning with some level of risk and ambiguity about plans. Just because the logistics are tough doesn't mean we shouldn't do it anyway.

For follow up:
- SPACE crew time - time to build into this team more often.
- Varied opportunities - lending themselves into different team sizes and contexts. - Grade based - maybe we need to break up SPACE experiences into grade level opportunities and focus on cycling each grade through a SPACE experience over a length of time.

Remember this is off the top of my head. Also remember, that I'm 36 years old. And remember that student ministry happens better when students are doing it and not me.

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