Sunday, December 11, 2005


K and I saw it yesterday. Fabulous. A few things off the top of my head:
- The story transformed from a good story that was read to an epic story that was seen. I enjoyed it much more as a movie. My breath was taken away more than once.
- There is an element of character development that I didn't catch in the book. You can see the transition of Peter and Edmund, from mere teenagers into valiant heros transformed by their circumstances, a prophesy and friends that believe in them. Much like Frodo, Neo and Luke. It's very, very cool.
- My favorite scene isn't in the book. Such a cool combination of Peter's smarts, crazy circumstances and direct threat of evil. The picture above is at the beginning of the scene. But most of the rest of the film is true to the book. The positive reviews you read are right.

Interesting person sat next to me in the movie. Tell you more about that at a later time.

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