Friday, December 23, 2005

Random Fri story

So last night, KN, one of the 03 guys, stopped over for a visit. You longtime readers will probably remember him. He and I meet every once in a while whenever he is home from school and talk about life, mission and impact. (In the summer of 04 he went to Kstan for a few weeks on a cross cultural trip.) We decided to go run out for a little bit and get some OJ since there are viruses all over my house. (Even though we aren't the most tidy people, we do love having people stop over whenever. So - don't you feel bad about dropping in.)

Anyway, I had to pick up the neighbors paper since they are away. So we pull into their driveway, he gets the paper on his side and hands it to me. I get out of the car, walk half way up the driveway and wind up to lob the paper on to the porch. I release. It takes a wild curve. And lands on their roof.

Light posting over the next few days, I'm taking a blog fast which I think will be good for me.

Merry Christmas to you all!!

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