Thursday, December 01, 2005

Extra Cashola

I got an email from our Missions Task Force asking for some ideas to spend some extra money. How often does that happen?

Here were some quick thoughts I jotted down. Maybe some of you that have some extra missions budget could think about these too. Not at all a comprehensive list, of course, and it's more like just the dreaming stage...and one of the focuses is on investment in future leaders.

A. The Origins Conference (like, of course)
approx $1000 per person

B. Strengths Finder
Provides the StrengthsFinder strengths assessment. Investment in summer team leaders.
$35 per person
(Could also be a good experiment on using this assessment for other leadership contexts within GCC.)

C. Vision Student Conference on World Evangelization
Calvary Church, Lancaster, PA, March 2006, single day conference
$50 per person (estimated cost)

D. Gifts to GCC families that hosted teams in summer 2005
$1000 to each family

E. Operation World for each summer mission team member
$15 per person

F. Summer 2006 Missions Prep Retreat
Cover all costs for food and lodging for a mini-weekend missions prep retreat. This would be a mini-weekend where all summer teams go away and do missions prep.
estimated cost $600

G. Team treat money for each summer team
$200 per team for leaders to use as they need for their teams, special dinners, team fun, etc.

H. Help defray costs for [can't talk about this one yet]
$3000 (uneducated guess)

I. Help defray costs for [same as above]

J. Help defray summer leaders financial support

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