Sunday, December 18, 2005

Church Planting fun

Now it gets good...

We get out of servie about 11:10 like normal. We are hanging around and tearing down and suddenly I notice there are a buttload of people in the theatre waiting for the movie that I think starts at 1. I start talking with one of the people and they mention that the movie starts at 11:30. What?????????????? There is NO way we are getting out of the theatre in that time. I go and tell the lead manager who tells me there has been a mix-up and it is not our fault and that they are moving the people to another theatre. She sends in one of the other managers in to do this. He gets up and and tells the people and I quote, "Folks, the church has lied to us and didn't get out of here in time. We have to move you to another theatre."
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