Monday, December 19, 2005

George on Mobilization and Speaking

A vital part of missions mobilisation involves speaking at meetings in which we declare the biblical principles, present the facts and call for action.

All of us should be trying to increase our communication skills, but we also need to take the initiative in getting the invitations to speak. If you have this gift to share and speak, as a man or woman, then don't be found just sitting, especially on Sunday, just thinking about it.

Things you can do to get open doors and meetings.

1. Let people know what you have done and what is on your heart. Let them know that you are available, even for a brief testimony.

2. Win friends who in turn can pray and open doors. This means getting out there where you can meet people. Follow up on meetings with emails, letters and phone calls.

3. Take a real interest in what the church or group are doing. Try to take in their vision and ministry and communicate your oneness with them and desire to help. When the door opens, sometimes you have to push it, let them know of your desire to share your message or a message of their choice in their church or group.

4. Go out of your way to be involved in prayer meetings. We all need more time together in prayer. Praying together often leads to other relationships and opportunities.

5. Be sure you have literature and audio-visual materials with you at all time to pass on to potential partners and co-workers. Many wonderful leaders who are shakers and movers don't have a great vision for the more unreached peoples, especially the Muslims. Anything you can do to change this will make a huge difference. Most leaders give their time and effort for their own church or ministry. Rather than criticize, its better to show them how global missions can be a vital part of what they are doing and commend them on what they are already doing, however small it seems.

6. Ask God for a sense of urgency. Deal ruthlessly with any laziness, fear or lack of discipline. Learn new ways to redeem the time so that you have more time to do what you know needs to be done.

7. Learn more about releasing workers and finance through prayer and action. It will be a battle all the way, so don't get discouraged.
From George Verwer. HT - Practical Mobilization
Reminds me of my post about leaders speaking with engagement.

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