Saturday, December 31, 2005

Girls all the time

There are girls everywhere in my life. At home, I'm surrounded by three of them - except for Calvin the dog. At work, its not quite as bad.

As for SPACE, which I always wanted to think of as this cool, edgy, manly adventure, there are girls everywhere as well. My attempts to get some guys involved in this has been rather fruitless. I used to think that if we get the high school girls, the guys will follow. Anyway...

We seem to get a good balance in both the summer mission teams and the community service launches. What seems to gravitate towards just girls is the small team of students involved in the dreaming and planning and leading. It is interesting.

To give this some larger perspective:
- in 40,000 out of 50,000 house churches in China, the Biblical 'anchor' is a woman.
- there are twice as many women missionaries in China as men.
- roughly two thirds of the current missionary force is women.

So there certainly is some precedent. For more great information on Women and Missions see this older issue of Mission Frontiers which focuses on women in missions.

Photo: Some of the girls on the SPACEcrew, January 2005

Back to this CD that is on - its actually not that bad.

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