Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Real Rest

Worked a release last night - 10pm to 6am. It actually ran pretty smooth for the most part, it's nice to see things go well for a change. And I felt like I really had the time to make sure the prep was done the right way.
I slept until 1pm today, and have spent the rest of the day laying around the couch. Specifically, it has consisted of pieces of:
- Die Hard
- The Real World
- Bugjuice Marathon (I'm really digging this show for all the lessons on group dynamics, etc.)
- Lethal Weapon 3
- Overhaul
- I Love the 90s
- The CMT awards
- City Slickers
Wow, there is a lot of quality tv on Sundays. (That would be a sarcastic opinion.)

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