Wednesday, July 21, 2004


In case you didn't know... Im an addict to Patagonia gear. It started in college when I worked at a fairly large outdoor shop. Anyway, I just got the new catalog in the mail, when I saw this...
I can imagine that is a pretty cool jacket, I have the Retro X jacket, which they don't make anymore, but is just like the new one except without a hood. It's the black one every calls my yak fur. It's so warm and its windproof too. The first day I got it, I drove with the windows down in 20 degree weather.
It's hard, if not impossibly materalistic, to rationalize $185 on a jacket. I got my Retro X on sale. A constant battle of mine is to stay focused on lifestyle choices that are consistent with what I believe about our mission here and how God wants us to steward our resources.

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