Friday, July 16, 2004

Real Meanings from a pointless entry

Of course, there were a billion things that I could have spent my time
wisely on this week. Not many of them made it to the list.
The fam has been gone all this week, and won't be back for another few
days. Real meaning - the house is really boring.

So instead of doing great things, I did little meaningless things. Real meaning - I spent more time at work.

I guess I could have done a bunch of stuff for the middle school
trip. I'm starting to have some second thoughts about that, but
its too late now. And I think I have an atmosphere I have to
cultivate from the very beginning about that... But thats kind of a
tangent. Real meaning - I should have just stuck to leading
mission trips for high schoolers.

Here are some other things I did this week, to give you a sample of those meaningless things:

- painted most of the trim in the kitchen. (just a few minutes ago)
- worked from 11-1am last night, building a database of 4 tables to
load some data from a system that decided to go to production without
telling us of their need for this data to get loaded in our
system. (see what I mean)
- played pool on yahoo games with my friend M^3. (actually that
wasn't meaningless, that was really fun. And his initials are MM,
but I like calling him M^3. i like calling him that in this blog
- mowed and trimmed the lawn
- sprayed weed killer on the lawn. chickweed, its a tragic disease.
- watched Spiderman 1 on DVD.
- watched SWAT on DVD. I liked it, it was filmed in LA.
- went thru all my old mission trip files so that I could relive those glory days. uh, right.

- i will probably go buy snacks for the middle school trip tomorrow.

- i will probably finishing doing some more painting tomorrow.

- i will probably work a 12 hour marathon release tomorrow night,
starting at 10pm. isn't there something more to a career than

- i will probably take a nap tomorrow.

Real meaning - I'm really ready for my wife and kids to come home.

Wow, this was seriously pointless. I'm proud, I think its a whole new level.

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