Monday, July 26, 2004

LC missions trip

Wow, what a great trip. Went really well. Very fun. Great group of kids and awesome group of leaders!!.
We went to CMTS to help out with whatever they needed - detailing cars, mowing lawns, etc. It was really fun, the kids worked hard, and they loved hearing from the director, Andy.
Here are my notes from conversations with Andy, it was cool to bump up along someone who lives such a life of faith and sees God provide so readily.
the kids fell in love with him

crazy stories about God providing and walking in faith
property obtained for $175K

downflow paint module - $50K new, got it for $400

God speaks audibly, the clearer the voice the harder the task

We circumvent God doing miracles
We don't let God work that way in America

Story - Peru
driving in mud road
Nancy asks is something wrong with the car
He gets out to look
One wheel has totally fallen off
It's 300 feet behind them
Totally destroyed
In the middle of nowhere, nobody is going to come around
They pray
A land rover shows up
The guy asks if they need help
You could take me up to the river, so I can go across on a ferry and get
a repalacement wheel
The guy takes him, waits for him, brings him back, helps him put the new wheel
on his truck
Then he hands him his business card, goes back the way he came from
His name was "Angel Mendez" and he supposedly worked at a local bank.
Andy never did check at the bank...


Here is the followup thank you letter for the people that prayed for us.

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for praying for the middle school missions trip.
I believe we accomplished our primary goal - to blow away
the image of a stereotypical missionary.
We went to Christian Missions Technical Services in Bernville, PA
to serve A and N Mrick for a weekend. The Mricks were
missionary mechanics with Wycliffe Bible Translators and on the field,
got a vision for bringing that kind of technical service back to
the States to serve missionaries on the field. They have been
in operations now for 21 years and their primary tasks include
servicing vehicles and machinery for missionaries both state
side and overseas. They also allow missionaries to use their
property on furlough and travels, and obtain and send specialized
equipment to the mission field.
Our time there included cleaning and detailing some of their fleet of
vehicles, basic lawn maintenance and odd jobs on their property. We also
spent time listening to some of A's amazing stories of how God
speaks, how God provides and how God enables.
Our students fell in love with the Merricks and they were captivated
by how far reaching the CMTS impact is, and how they were able to
be a part of that for a short weekend, accomplishing our original goal.
So, thank you for faithfully praying for this trip. Your partnership
in the sending and enabling of these students was vital.

(You can see some of the pictures at

Serving Him with you,

Here is team picture.

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