Thursday, April 29, 2004

Empty Tomb
Wow just found this site which studies national church financial and giving patterns. Some of the information on there will probably really make you mad. Either it will make you mad at what they are implying, or it will make you mad that our 'discipleship' in the American church ends when it comes to money. In either case, it is compelling evidence.
If giving in American churches went up to 10%, there would be an additional $86B for missions. Note what the chart says that number can do around the world.

In regards to our summer missions stuff:
2 trips raising support
total needed = $9450
total to date = $4201
# of weeks spent raising support so far = 4
I'm not writing this to boast at all, mostly I'm just trying to get it straight in my head. But I also think that when people hear about the need, not just financially, and they see the opportunity to partner with our mission efforts, money is just a detail.

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