Thursday, April 15, 2004

Mission Prep Mtg #2
Some of my notes for this mtg on Saturday.
And my friend PA from OAC is coming to speak too.
Lots of it is right from SEMP.

Team Time

Part 1 – Paul’s testimony

1. Paul’s life before Christ
Read through Acts 26:4-11

Describe what Paul was like before he met Jesus.
What kinds of things was he involved in?
How famous was he for those things he was involved in?
Was there one key problem in his life?

2. How Paul met Christ
Read through Acts 26:12-23

Describe how dramatic Paul’s experience with Jesus was.
Why so?
How does Paul explain Jesus and his work?
Did Paul’s initial response to Jesus change?
If so, how?

3. Paul’s life since he met Christ
What are some things Paul is continuing to deal with?
How has becoming a Christian dealt with his problem?
Part 2 – Your testimony
My life before Christ

Include good elements of your life before Christ
Identify one key problem that characterized your life before Christ
Show how this problem affected your life
The Early Years
Tell how you were provided for as a child
Tell how your need for Christ was made evident

How I met Christ
Be specific
Avoid confusing Christian jargon “redeemed by the blood of the Lamb”
Talk about Christ and His work

My Life Since I’ve trusted Christ
Tell how Christ dealt with your problem mentioned above or if yours was an early conversion Describe a positive benefit of following Christ.
Be honest.
Include an invitation to know Christ personally.

1. Do you identify with something from the person’s life before Christ? Explain.
2. Was the gospel clear?
3. Could the average person understand? Were there too many confusing statements or Christian jargon?
4. Did they share how Christ is working in their lives today? Explain.
5. Is there an appeal to know God personally?
6. What can be improved to make things clearer, understandable, or relate better to the average person?

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