Friday, April 16, 2004

SPACE intro
I get people that ask me about SPACE all the time. I talk about it so much, it's almost something I've memorized. I guess that's a good thing, since I think I'm pretty passionate about it. I just hope I don't talk too much when people ask me. I hope they don't walk away saying, "Man, I wish he would just shut up about this SPACE stuff..."
Anyway, the GCC YM website is launching on Monday. Here is the quick write up I wrote about SPACE for it. I like it, I think it sings.


(Students Prepared to Act for Christ's Empire)

SPACE is the intersection of students, service and missions;
the GCC Youth Ministry's component of strategic community service
and worldwide missions.

SPACE exists to:

- Provide students and their leaders with opportunities
for strategic community service. These opportunities are typically
community service days during the school year and occur around
5 times during the school year. We call them 'Launches'.
Past Launches have included outreach to the homeless, a day
centered around the Pro-Life movement, and the school
bus that loves to rakes leaves.

- Propel our students into worldwide missions
with a strategic, progressive and prepared edge.
SPACE partners with the GCC Missions Task Force in
ensuring that our student missions trips are strategic
with where the Body of Grace is going throughout the world.
We seek experiences that will allow students to progress
in their missions experience as they go from middle school
thru high school.
We prepare our students going out on summer missions
in the concepts of worldwide missions which includes teaching on
culture, team building and the unreached.

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