Thursday, April 22, 2004

I was chatting with someone when they mentioned that someone 'lived in the ghetto.' I replied, 'There is a ghetto in Howard County?'
I was, if you didn't know, being facetious. There is not a ghetto in Howard County. Some interesting figures from the census:
Median household money income, 1999 - $74,167
Persons below poverty, percent, 1999 - 3.9%

Plugging in$74K into globalrichlist , I got this:

You are in the top 0.755% richest people in the world.
There are 5,954,658,435 people poorer than you.
One hour's salary = approx $51.38
Oh, and in case you’re interested you are the 45,341,565 richest person in the world.

Please don't say 'ghetto' anymore.

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