Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This is an interesting article. It's funny, I helped out with a trip to a DM conference back in the early 90s. You can either like DM or not like him, but you have to admit, he's reaching loads and loads of kids. What I liked about the conference was that he pretty much set you up as a youth ministry to take his content and go deeper with your kids. What I didn't like is that our particular leader team didn't take advantage of it. But that's the overall story a lot of times. We take kids to these big events, but never go deeper. Speakers give us almost everything we need to strike up conversations with them... We just don't take advantage of it....
I've only spoke at two retreats, but when I did, taking the example of some really good speakers, I had a list of questions that small group leaders could use to follow up right away. I know when I was on a retreat that was set up like that, I had some phenomenal personal times with students.

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