Sunday, April 18, 2004

Bridging the Gap
So in church this am, PM talked about David and the task before him when he was going to build the temple. The ideas and principles behind when there is such a monumental task before you, that you only know that it is God behind it and who can orchestrate it coming through. PM framed it in light of our building process. For those of you that don't know, GCC has purchased some property and is close to groundbreaking for a new building. It's been a pretty wild experience. Some things include:
- finding this 30 acres via a very strange relationship
- purchasing the property for $50K an acre, when the land around it is easily going for 4 or 5 times that much.
- having all the county and state approvals with no contest, especially in Howard County, which isn't known for letting churches just pop up
- asking the county if it would be possible to extend their water and sewer facilities for us, and them saying yes as long as we pay for it
- raising $5M from the congregation in the midst of today's economy

In essence, we are still $1.5M away, hence the gap. So PM asked everyone to see:
- what they could do
- talk to people around them for what they could do
- leave the results up to God

And then on May 16, we are having a Bridge the Gap Sunday, a big one outside service on the property where people are going to bring their one time donations and see where we end up. It's pretty cool, I'm way excited to see how God moves in people. I know that in the past, when we as a family decided to step out and give on faith, funny circumstances have about. Some might call it coincidence, but I know that when we do that, either God gives us more or God reduces something we need to pay for. Anyway, it will be neat to see what we can do as a family for this, seeing how creative we can be.

What is just as cool, was to sit in church and look around and see all the people that make GCC what it is. The way they serve, relate, care for one another. And just to realize that its not even close to being about the building. The building is strictly a means. Not the end all be all.

I also got to thinking, for the four weeks, what else could I do to make some extra money. Maybe get a paper route? No way, can't get up that early. Get a part time job? Not a chance with two little kids at home. Time is too precious with them. Then I thought, and here is where you blogspot readers come in, maybe I could do something for you guys out there? No idea what specifically... Maybe write a Bible study for you? Point you in some direction for youth and missions? Network you with someone else? But then I thought, thats kind of lame. I already try and do that for free. How could I ask for money to do that? PM was right, creativity is certainly going to come in the play here.

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