Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Spring Break Mini Launch followup
I realized that I never wrote about what we did or how it turned out.
So I thought I would fill you happy readers about it.
The idea was to have a mini launch since it was Spring Break for our students and since it was almost Easter weekend. I wanted to do something and have it be somewhat targetted for the holiday weekend. So the prayerwalking idea came to my head. And I wanted to do it at the Mall. We had done a small prayer thing with some of the SPACE crew there a few months ago, and they just ate it up. The prayerwalking idea is different though, since no one is supposed to know that you are praying, but you are, just with a small group of people as you walk through a certain place. You also have in mind certain specific things you are praying about, and are trying to let God speak to you for who and what to pray for. I think it can seem a little mystical at first, but that's ok.
So we had about 15 students show up and one of the leaders brought his young adult Bible study, which was cool too.
I introduced the whole night with talking about how Eldredge talks about that we need to believe that God still speaks to us, and then get into a position where we are listening. And how our American modern church disbelieves that to a certain point. And the story of one of our student's moms who had a dream about one of our college students who was on a missions trip - that he had something in his eye. Turns out he had pink eye, while on his missions trip in Indonesia. I had also printed a list of stores they could pray for, and an idea or snippet of how to pray. And then they broke into small groups to go off and prayerwalk for about an hour or so.
After it was done, we did a quick debrief near a hairdresser. This lady that was getting her hair done was looking at us pretty strangely. It was funny.
Here is my list of stores and things to pray for: (I for one, thought some of them were funny.)
Starbucks - Friends building good relationships
A&F - Kids to understand how God sees them
Chick Fil A - Kids meals
Gymboree - Stay at home moms
Fountains - Living water
Disney - Impact society for Jesus
Bookstores - People finding and reading books about Jesus
BOSE - God to free people from materialism
LL Bean - See God as the Creator
Panera - People to see Jesus as the bread of life
Hot Topic - Young people being protected
Nordstrom - God sees you as glamorous
Movie Theater - People moved by The Passion
JCrew - God is cooler than your clothes
Music stores - Power of music
Build a Bear - Love of a creator
Sports stores - Jesus competes for your heart
Victoria secrets - True beauty
Ice Cream- Strong families
Bank - Money is not the end goal
Merry Go Round - Christ to capture kids early
Jewelry - Christ light of the world
Maternity - Safe babies
Shoe stores – people would walk with Jesus

And then some things we talked about for debrief:
1. Was it weird?
2. Did it make you think a little differently?
3. Did you feel effective?
4. Any interactions with people? Strangers?
5. Did God speak to you about anything or anyone?

The overall feedback was that they enjoyed it and thought it was a little uncanny and weird but fun. They said we should definitely do it again. Some people heard them praying and looked at them funny. And one of the guys said he was so used to sharing and talking with people about spiritual things, he felt funny holding back and just praying.
Fun stuff!

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