Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Walnut Hill CC
Found this church from a friend of D who has recently been going to a moms group there. Looks like a pretty great church. Check out their missions page here. I like the whole consortium idea - "loose confederation of churches whose goal is to send new missionaries from our churches overseas as quickly and expeditiously as possible."
That's a great idea.
Three churches that I know in this consortium:
Black Rock - Kevin Butterfield - who was the youth pastor, is a high school friend of D. The first time I met Kevin was at SEMP in 2000 when he did a concert of prayer. I had only heard the name before, I had no idea who he really was.
Trinity - D's family's home church. And Len Evans who is a part of YPNation.
Valley Community - I heard the missions pastor speak last Fall about short term trips at an ACMC conference. He is money.

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