Saturday, April 17, 2004

My friend PA came this morning to talk and sketch with his paintboard for our missions prep mtg. It was pretty awesome. I accomplished one of my goals - for kids to see a different kind of gospel presentation. It also got him some visibility at GCC, which is something that I think will be good for him.
He talked thru Acts 17 including:
- the word evangelist is only used 3 times in the NT
- the word 'witness' comes from the same word that we get the word 'martyr'. Scary.
I will probably update more when I find my notes. In any case, thanks PA!

Funny because I just read this from McManus last night:
"The New Testament word for ‘witness’ is the same as for ‘martyr.’ We have come to know martyrs as those who have died for the faith. They didn’t survive, but they died facing the right direction. The purpose of the church cannot be to survive or even to thrive but to serve. And sometimes servants die in the serving."

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