Sunday, April 18, 2004

Search Terms 04/18
- "where is the money from american churches thats for missions"
nice. let's just say that American churches have 80% of the world's resources. yeah
- "jarrett stevens"
great guy, pastor of Axis at Willow Creek. I've heard him speak to the youth min I work with a few times. Very very good speaker.
- "tony sheng"
uh thats me. someone from i wonder who it is?
there's actually two people that googled me. the other one didn't have a domain listed.
- "How to run a Missions weekend ideas"
very cool. would love to hear your ideas.
- "shareplex news group"
something for my day job. Shareplex is a tool used to replicate data back and forth from Oracle databases. are you bored yet?
- "the passion in kuwait"
good stuff happening huh.
- "grace cares" foundation
probably not related to GCC's Grace Cares ministry, but who knows.

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