Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GLG - The Economic Ladder

Poverty and The Economic Ladder
You probably already know about the issue of global poverty. You know about Product RED, The One Campaign and you've probably given some money to something related.

What you might not know is that in 2005, Jeffrey Sachs, a economist out of Harvard, wrote a book called The End of Poverty. The book outlined some of the basic ideas of economies, poverty and what the world looked like today. Sachs also went on to outline a plan for ending poverty in the next 50 years - in your lifetime. Bold, audacious and challenging - if you are reading this, you would probably like him. Others found merit in his plan. In fact, Bono wrote the forward to the book and The One Campaign is largely based on the concepts Sachs outlined.

What you need to know about is Sachs' concept of the economic ladder.

I'm posting some writing from a global student leadership guidebook that I'm working on. Let me know if you are interested in the progress of this project.

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