Monday, January 03, 2011

January Kindling

+ Glad to put 2010 behind us. Even with all the great stuff that happened last year, the biggest event was my dad dying. As a wise friend said to me, now we don't have to go through that again.
+ My mom is taking small steps towards moving to a retirement community. Would love you to pray that she actually goes through with it.
+ Hosting some amazing high school and college students later this week while most of them are home from college. We are terming it 'spark.'
+ Leadership Collective - looks like it's coming together nicely - 3 weeks away. You know that changes as it gets closer. As something I've never done before, I'm over my head.
+ Summer 2011.
+ Ember received some significant donations in December. Helps us pay for some insurance and other operations stuff.
+ Ember also got registered with TechSoup - my bet is something there helps us.
+ Over the holidays, I got more acquainted with a friend of a family member who is the associate director of development for a large, very prestigious university. Can you say "lots of forthcoming Q&A about fundraising" ?
+ I've been doing a good amount of writing [ and some copy/paste =) ] for a 'global leader guide' for lack of a better title. If you want to see the outline, let me know. Not sure what will come of it.
+ First meeting of 2011 this am - with trevinhoekzema at 8am. Yes... 8am...

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